What is esports/fantasy esports?
How are we creating a metaverse?
Why crypto and why now?
How are we different?
What are the benefits of blockchain?


What is a Metapass?
How much do they cost?
Where can I buy a Metapass?
How many are available?
How do I claim a Metapass?
Can I sell my metapass?

Digital Arenas

What are Arenas?
How can I get an arena?
How do arena levels work?
Where will arenas be minted?


What protocols are we using?
What is the difference between each protocol?
What are $ESPORT tokens?
What are $BYTE tokens?
How does stake to play work?


What is a DAO?
What is the difference between the Community & Arena DAO?


How do we store files and images?
How do we manage metadata?
Where can I buy and sell NFTs?
How are we preventing bots and hackers from disrupting the launch?
How do we secure our wallets?
How do we ensure NFTs are minted securely?
What is Esports One policies regarding copyright?
How are we addressing the environmental concerns?