Metapass is your passport into the esports and gaming metaverse and represents standalone utility NFTs that allow holders to earn rewards, unlock access and experience the future of web3 like never before.
As a Metapass owner, you will receive exclusive benefits and perks, from arena giveaways, NFT presales, elevated Discord status, digital and in-person events, staking rewards, airdrops (tokens, player cards, partner collabs), and much more.
Additionally, your Metapass grants access to the governance and community-run DAO. OneDAO receives a weekly allocation of tokens used to reward members for actively participating in the ecosystem’s growth.


There will be three editions during Season One; Carbon, Gold, and Standard. One wallet can hold all three passes but benefits only accrue to the highest level of the pass that a wallet holds. For example, if you hold Carbon and Silver, you would receive the benefits from Carbon.
  • Discord Role: Exclusive access to the OneDAO community run by full-time metaverse & esports enthusiasts, NFT traders and investors, and crypto influencers.
    • Our Discord will be providing: daily updates on the latest NFT drops, metaverse news, strategy write-ups, IRL meets, and more.
  • 10% of all sales are distributed to the community fund that is used to benefit Metapass Carbon & Gold holders



Metapass Carbon

Quantity: 1,000
Release: Feb 1st - Feb 3rd
Most exclusive edition with more access to airdrops, presale raffles, and coveted early access to Arenas
  • All the benefits of Gold + Standard
  • $ESPORT & $BYTE allocations
  • 500 arena whitelist spots & early access to mint
  • Private members channels
  • Merch drops
  • IRL meetups

Metapass Gold

Quantity 3,000
Release: Feb 3rd - Feb 7th
Benefits: Allocation of $BYTEs, access to airdrop, ability to participate in Arenas
  • Minimum of 50 arena whitelist spots

Metapass Standard

Quantity: Unlimited
Release: Two Weeks
Price: Free + Gas Standard is your access to the esports metaverse. It is how you participate in arenas, compete in contests and experience everything we have to offer.
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