Our Approach


With the exponential growth of Web3 in 2021, the word 'metaverse' has emerged as a misleading buzzword to hype up any crypto and NFT project. We do not have to tell you that this is a worrying trend in a space, because you have probably realized this too. The promise of cosmetics or individual components do not constitute as a true "metaverse", they are components and building blocks, but selling it as the whole picture only hurts our industry that already has plenty of misconceptions.

We aren't releasing an empty promise of a "metaverse"; instead, we are creating the infrastructure for a completely digital world. Our metaverse will feature virtual land, 3D buildings (Arenas), a sustainable economy, events, games, and experiences like no other. We have a proven track record and aren't going anywhere. We are a team of fully doxxed gamers and esports fan, ready to give our tools, expertise, and platform to you.

Gamefi Models

Everyone loves the feeling of progression and being rewarded, and gamers and esports fans are no different. 63% of gamers want collectibles with real-world value, meaning they want rewards to have both a financial upside and to provide social value and status. They want a balanced reward system where they are recognized for their dedication, while not feeling like it's a grind or risking too much just to play. Esports One has spent countless hours researching game reward mechanics and we have found a sustainable solution.

The first two listed below are the most common gamefi models in crypto, and the third is the model we chose to use as the foundation for the esports metaverse:

1. Risk to Play

Daily fantasy sports (DFS) was never meant to be "community first," but instead an evolution of the gambling industries. The same fans who would gamble on the outcome of games would be playing DFS. The difference was that these players were no longer competing against the house but instead other players. Winning required access to the best data models, insights, and, most importantly, the time to build the perfect lineups. For your average fan, they don't stand a chance.

2. Play to Earn

The crypto revolution has introduced projects that are leveraging what many MMORPG games have used in the past, Play to Earn. The appeal is evident since the idea of "Play to Earn" rewards users for just playing the game. However, with the valuable rewards only being aligned to those who can commit the most time to play, we felt it would make the esports metaverse feel like too much of a 'grind'. We also noticed that these limitations risk leading to an over-saturation of a token, and have previously destroyed video game economies in the past. While it works well in certain Web3 games, we didn't want people interacting with the esports metaverse to feel like it's a full-time job.

3. Stake to Play (Our Approach)

Unlike "Risk to Earn" and "Play to Earn", Stake to Play eliminates the small chance to be rewarded, and the excessive time and money spent to play. Stake to Play is rooted in the idea that by staking our token, $ARNA, you will gain access to more metaverse experiences, unlock additional features, and earn premium rewards, all based on how much you stake. If you decide you no longer want to be staked, you can withdraw the exact amount you initially deposited. Our model is all about investing in the community and earning rewards for it. Staked members will be a part of our Community DAO, giving you ownership of the platform and letting you vote on ways to improve your gameplay experience.

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