Work in progress

With a team of esports and gaming industry veterans, we have built a network of relationships that we'll leverage to facilitate long-term deals that further the growth of the ecosystem. Additionally, we will utilize the following tools for growth:

Discord Bot

Our discord bot, OneBot, will provide arena owners with custom tools and features for their own communities. This will provide an easy on-ramp for new users to participate in the ecosystem without leaving Discord.


By establishing a partner program, we incentivize partners to take an active part in the growth and success of the platform. This will establish new ways for communities to interact with one another while also elevating how supporters showcase their fandom.

Digital & In-Person Events

In addition to virtual gatherings and town halls, we'll run regular activations at major web3, esports, and gaming events & conferences.

Marketing Guild

Our largest and most prominent OneDAO guild that will focus on education, onboarding and partnership building.

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