Simulated Leagues

What's the primary constraint when playing fantasy esports/sports? The match schedule.

Using League of Legends LCS (North America) as an example: The pro teams play 2-3 times weekly on weekends (and sometimes Fridays).

So, let's say I set my fantasy lineup on Monday; I have to wait nearly five days to see any "action" for how well I performed. This is a significant issue when bringing DFS (Daily Fantasy) to the esports industry.

In addition to the traditional fantasy esports experiences available for all arenas, we are building the first Simulated Esports & Gaming Leagues. If you've ever played a game like Zed Run, you may have an idea of where I'm going with this. And while you are partially correct, we're thinking much further than that.

Every hour we will host a variety of simulated matches where you can enter your lineup of players and teams, each with varying stats, bonuses, attributes, multipliers, and of course, rarity, and earn points based on how well they performed in that simulated contest.

Our Unique Advantage

We've spent the past four years aggregating statistics on every match, team, and player, going back to 2010. This data is used to create predictive analysis and models, fully enabled by machine learning, which has calculated tens of millions of professional, amateur, and casual matches worldwide.

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