Fantasy Esports
The first available experience will be Esports One's signature Fantasy Esports โ€” now on Web3!
Similar to fantasy football, soccer, basketball, and baseball, fantasy esports is a stats-based game that makes watching esports more exciting and engaging. As a team manager, you will create a lineup of real-life professional esports players, when your selected players compete in their matches, your fantasy lineup will score points based on each player's performance. The first available esports title will be the globally popular game, League of Legends, where two teams of five real-life professional players compete to be the first team to destroy the opposing team's nexus, or homebase.

Future Fantasy Game Titles

The beauty of fantasy esports is the ease of onboarding new game titles, since all that's needed is access to the developers' third-party API and slight adjustments to the ruleset and scoring. This means we can add any popular esports title, as well as exciting new blockchain games, as approved by OneDAO.

Stake to Play

Participation in an Arena will require staking $ESPORT tokens to earn better rewards and unlock new experiences.
  • Staking will grant access to more arenas and fantasy contests across the esports metaverse. Staked Managers are rewarded with xESPORT and rare cards based on contest performance and passively rewarded with $BYTE.
  • Unstaked will still grant access to a select range of contests; with rewards being distributed in $BYTE.

How to Play Fantasy

Getting Started

The first step is going through the onboarding experience, this will be where fantasy managers will learn the basics of playing esports fantasy on the metaverse and receive their first collection of card. We will initially launch with support for League of Legends, with more game titles to come soon.

Collect Cards

Fantasy lineups are created by selecting the Player Cards you want to use in each contest. This means that the better the cards you collect, the better your lineup will potentially score. Common and uncommon cards can be earned through engaging on the platform or in packs paid for using $BYTE. Rare and higher cards can be bought, traded, and sold on the marketplace using $ESPORT.

Arena Contests

Playing fantasy starts by choosing an Arena that has a contest you want to join. Provided you meet the entry criteria, you will be able to enter! Arenas can host a range of contests from each League of Legends region, with ranging scoring types and varying rules - this makes sure contests are always fresh and exciting!

Set Lineup

Once you have entered a contest, you will need to build a lineup based on the requirements specified in that Arena's contest rules. The traditional League of Legends fantasy lineup consists of one player from each role; Top lane, jungler, mid lane, bot lane, and support. The idea is to pick the player cards based on the pro-players you think will perform the best that day/week.

Earn Rewards

After you've submitted your lineup and all corresponding pro-players have finished their matches, your team will receive the points the assigned pro-player earned based on their real-life performance. The higher your team score, the greater your chance of earning rewards.


To create a system that drives competition and rewards fairly, specific contests will have restrictions to the player card rarities that can be used. For example, a user that has only collected common and uncommon cards can choose to compete against only user with similar cards. However, the managers who want to earn larger amounts of $ESPORT and rare player cards will have to enter the higher rarity or open contests!

Collectible Player Cards

Arenas are only half of the esports fantasy experience. The other half belongs to you, the managers. Our fantasy experience puts the power to succeed in your hands. Building the best lineup of player cards not only gives glory, but it also rewards you in $ESPORT tokens!
Player cards are the foundation for creating your fantasy lineup and entering contests. Each player card is assigned to a real esports professional; when that player competes in their real matches, your fantasy player card scores points. As a manager, it's important to keep collecting, trading, and selling player cards so you can build the best possible lineups - just like a professional team!

How to Acquire Player Cards?

Common and uncommon cards are obtained by purchasing packs using $BYTE, either earned passively or won from contests. Staked managers can earn rare player cards by winning contests. All managers will be able to purchase higher rarity cards from 3rd party exchanges, auctions and our marketplace.

Card Rarities

Cards will have different rarities based on quality, value and bonuses. The higher the rarity, the better the percentage bonus it provides. A rare player card will consistently score than the lower rarity version. It's in the managers' best interest to collect the higher rarities as it will increase the likeliness of winning contests and earning $ESPORT.


Each season and card will have unique metadata that determines everything from characteristics to rarity. These are still a work in-progress and subject to change.