Online Events

Virtual Venues of the Metaverse

Arenas will become the interactive 3D locations for events and tournaments in the esports and gaming metaverse. Arena owners will have the freedom to use their space to host their communities' events and tournaments (for Fantasy/Web3 games) or can choose to lease this space to brands and other communities to run their own activations. In the future, Players in these communities can virtually walk around and interact inside the Arenas with their Esports Avatars.

What type of events/tournaments can be hosted?

The possibilities are endless, and offerings will expand over time based on partnered esports titles and Web3 projects, brands involved, and functionality that OneDAO votes on. Based on the current roadmap, here are some of the future options:

  • Virtual live esports event viewing

  • Gaming conferences and talks

  • Arena community meet-ups

  • Game nights

  • Video Game tournaments

  • Sponsored brand activations

  • Esports pro-player meet and greets

  • Fantasy for esports and other Web3 games

  • DAO townhalls and voting

  • NFT art galleries

  • Charity fundraisers

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