Distribution will occur over the course of seven years as outlined in the smart contract. Any changes will require approval by the DAO.

Private Sale

160M (16%)

Total Private Raise: $10M

Before the public sale in 2022, there will be a series of private sales for investors that will provide the initial capital to launch the token, develop the web and mobile ecosystems and acquire additional creators.

Private sale investors will have a 12-month lock-up. After this period, 10% (16M) of the tokens will unlock, followed by 7.5% (12M) each quarter for three years.

Public Sale

30M (3%)

Total Public Raise: $8M (est)


350M (36%)

Linearly (1.67%) each month for five years

The role of the treasury is to oversee the Esports One assets that ensure maximum value is returned to owners & players. The treasury is made up of individual pools that contribute directly to the growth of the ecosystem.

Treasury pools help to ensure that the platform accrues values towards the token. The revenues generated from Esports One are configured via smart contracts and distributed across each stakeholder to provide the necessary support for arena owners and players, as well as each of their underlying communities, and the resources needed to develop an exceptional user experience and expand the market globally.

Arena Pool

The arena pool is designed to ensure revenue generated from fantasy accrues value to the token. Over time, the fund will become decentralized as we implement the OneDAO that benefits the token ecosystem. This pool will be used to supply rewards for staking yield and contest rewards. Any fees resulting from buy-ins, token purchases, and marketplace purchases are distributed first to the Treasury and then reallocated back into the ecosystem.

Grants Pool

By integrating our token, we will work with 3rd party game publishers to provide them with their own allocations of tokens.

Liquidity & Staking Pool

The liquidity & staking pool is designated to reward staking through yield and exclusive value and access. After the first year, governance will migrate to the DAO to determine the mechanisms for providing token loans to liquidity providers and listing partners, ensuring a strong liquid market early on. Active owners and managers will generate additional yield based on their activity and program involvement.

The Platform Pool represents the $ARNA tokens owned by the company that comes from the proceeds of sales of company-owned assets. The $ARNA generated from the Company Treasury will be locked up for 12 months and then sold back into the market to pay operational expenses.

DAO Treasury

150M (16%)

OneDAO is used to incentivize and promote engagement throughout the communities in the ecosystem. The fund's distribution is determined each season by proposal and then allocated to each guild's budget. Individual guilds activate individual programs that run for a period of time, with the allocation amount and duration determined by the DAO council. If there are excess tokens at the end of a season, they are added to the reserve for future programs.

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