Total Supply: 1,000,000,000

$ARNA is an ERC-20 utility token that serves as the primary utility asset for transactions and represents ownership in Esports One.

What is $ARNA?

Our primary token, ARNA, is fungible governance, staking, and access token made for gamers and esports fans. Over the next six years, One (1) Billion ARNA tokens will be minted and distributed and used to power our entire platform and ecosystem through multiple utilizations. Users can acquire ESPORT tokens via direct purchase, contest rewards, staking incentives, and through ASSET sales in the marketplace.

ESPORT tokens are used to mint and purchase NFT assets and staking to gain deeper access to the platform. The tokens revenue is captured via the Economy.

What is $ARNA used for?

The ARNA token is the catalyst of the ecosystem and provides a way for players to compete in fantasy contests. Players can assemble a team of digital trading cards representing specific pro-players that get benchmarked against their real-world performance, determining how well their team does. Our vast array of league types makes competing accessible to anyone.

Stake to Play

Token staking is a consensus mechanism where users are incentivized to lock up their tokens in exchange for rewards (token staking explained).

To address the issues we see in "Play-to-Earn" blockchain games, our team has created a new way to play, "Stake-to-Play." This method encourages users to stake their $ARNA token, which, in addition to yield and other rewards, unlocks access to fantasy leagues and contests based on the amount they have staked.

Why should I stake $ARNA?

Through our staking method, you can play how and when you want and never have to worry about losing money or time. When you stake ARNA, you are rewarded with xARNA, which provides contest access, account features, and unique experiences based on the amount and duration the tokens are staked. The ultimate value for staking ARNA will derive from access and status, with more features introduced over time to incentivize staking.

The initial rate of ARNA to xARNA is 1:1, but as rewards are added, one xARNA will be worth increasingly more ARNA.

Metarena Access

Instead of risking tokens to participate in contests, access to Arena is based on the number of tokens staked to the ecosystem.

Arena Tier$ARNA Staked

Tier 0


Tier 1


Tier 2


Tier 3


Staking Incentives

  • Compete in higher tier Arenas for bigger rewards

  • Greater chance of earning card packs with higher rarity

  • Exclusive access to unique contests and game types.


  • Participate directly in the future of the esports metaverse.

  • Accept new partners and brands.

  • Voting on platform proposals, token allocations & distributions.

  • Determine new game titles supported.

Additional Use


A specific portion of transaction fees will be used to buy back $ARNA tokens on the open market, which will be transferred to the treasury and staking reward pools.

LP Pools

$ARNA holders can participate in various token pools and programs by staking their $ARNA tokens. By providing liquidity, participants will earn rewards in yield, exclusive arena access, and premium features.


We believe in giving our community the power to influence decisions and incentivize active participation. We're doing this through the creation of a DAO. The $ARNA Token will act as a governance instrument, enabling token owners and verified creators to vote and influence new features and product expansion decisions. The DAO verification board will most importantly approve new partners and certify their token and NFT authenticity.

Anyone that holds $ARNA will have the ability to participate in the community DAO. Those that actively participate in the DAO will earn rewards & incentives associated with their level of involvement and will have access to future councils and leadership teams with even greater token allocations. Ultimately, participating in the DAO will provide you with the ability to:

  • Voting on new game titles to support

  • Delegating voting membership

  • Approving new investments

  • Defining and submitting new proposals

  • Onboarding brand partners & providing support

  • Defining new platform features and integrations, including 3rd party support.

  • Much more to come

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