District Tokens

Total Supply: TBD

ERC-20 utility token is unique to each district and the blockchain it lives on.

Tokens align communities and can be used to deposit energy, attention, and alignment. Without a token, there is no coherence. Our BYTE token will provide an on-ramp for users into the world of the esports metaverse.

What are $BYTE tokens?

Blockchain gaming should be accessible to everyone; this is how we can help new crypto users start their journey. BYTE is a new type of currency that provides endless possibilities for communities to reward and promote fandom. Contrary to how P2E utility tokens typically operate, BYTE can also be earned through free-to-play mechanics.

The BYTE token is unique to each district and used for marketplace purchases, card upgrades, and enhancing arenas.

How do I acquire BYTE?

Users can earn BYTE in many ways, including participating in free and staked fantasy contests, opening card packs, creator giveaways, missions/achievements, and 3rd party integrations with social & content platforms (Twitch, Discord, YouTube) in addition to game publishers.

The higher the tier Metapass, the In addition to ARNA tokens, once a Metarena achieves a specific tier, they will receive BYTE that can be used to reward gameplay.

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