OneDAO is how we establish a fully decentralized and community owned metaverse for gamers and esports fans. It provides an on-ramp for anyone to participate in the growth and development of the ecosystem, getting out what they put in.

How do I participate in the DAO?

Key holders can actively participate in Guilds but governance is limited to token holds and arena owners.
Don’t wait to be told what to do. Jump in and write, build, create. When something you do aligns with the mission of the DAO it will find ways to reward your participation.
Contributors are community members that have created something of value for OneDAO through their grit and effort. Possible reasons include:
  • Author and pass a proposal that will be a landmark decision for the DAO (it's early, this isn't hard!)
  • Help others in the community above and beyond what is asked of you
  • Hop in on projects and start taking on tasks/responsibilities
  • Attend weekly guild meetings


Guilds are workgroups that organize specialist skill sets into a single location. Creating a Guild gives DAO members a way to group together and offers the community direct access to a source of skilled labor. Anyone that holds a membership key can participate in Guilds and propose the formation of new ones. Some of the types of guilds that we anticipate being formed are:
  • Analytics
  • Design
  • Development
  • Education
  • Legal
  • Marketing
  • Ops
  • Research
  • Treasury
  • Writing



Consists of all $ESPORT holders who vote to ratify changes to the DAO.


Mix of staff, community, and advisors who focus on strategy as well as community participation and education.

Guild Leads

Specialized leaders that manage teams of contributors. Leads are selected based on track record of contribution for executing projects over sustained periods of time. Leads are empowered to set key priorities, allocate budgets for bounties or rewards, and ultimately are responsible for that team’s success. Leads are in vested tokens to ensure accountability and reward innovation.


Members that power each team – specialized token holders that join based on skills and interest. Contributors are compensated based on their level of contribution via social graphs and collective allocations.


  • Participant (Level 0): Non-Member
  • Member (Level 1)
  • Contributor (Level 2)
  • Ambassador (Level 3+)
  • Guild Lead: Voted in by DAO
  • Owner: Arena Owner

How can I earn tokens?

The following initiatives will be released in early Q1 '22


When you stake your arena you automatically begin earning passive $ESPORT. Over time your arena will level up, increasing the amount of tokens earned.


These come from other OneDAO contributors for valuable or desirable contributions in the moment. (For work done, well spoken comments, answering member questions, or whatever the tipper values) - Tips are sent to a Collab.Land wallet connected to your username and can either be used for tipping others, or can be withdrawn to a personal wallet.


Bounties can be posted by Arena owners and Team Leads and will be posted in the #bounty-board channel. Bounties can come in the form of one time or recurring job requests. Some bounties can only be claimed if you have the correct role tag. After claiming, it’s your responsibility to coordinate with the bounty poster. Payment is made upon delivery of requested action or material, and can come in the form of a tip (Collab.Land), or through a guild or project during their scheduled pay round (direct to ETH wallet).


Retroactive remuneration for part or full time contribution to a Guild. Rewards are determined by each Guild during the seasonal funding process. Roles are typically elected positions and offer a stable inflow of $ESPORT for the duration of that role. To be considered for a role you must be active within that Guild or project and nominate yourself during an election cycle. Internships are available for some roles and compensation is shared between the role holder and the apprentice.


These are awarded to projects deemed useful to the growth of OneDAO or the community at large. You can earn some of this grant money by contributing to a Guild or project, either in a role or by claiming bounties. Do you have an amazing idea for a project? You can build a team within OneDAO, form a proposal, and apply for a grant! Project proposals must be posted to the OneDAO forum for seven days, and accepted proposals must be submitted to Grants Committee for final consideration.
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