Arena's are ERC-1155 utility NFTs that owners can stake to activate and begin earning rewards.
Arenas are digital NFTs representing virtual land in the esports metaverse and are the foundation for hosting fantasy contests, earning token rewards, and building communities. These NFTs can be bought and sold on our Marketplace (and off-platform) and will be released seasonally, with an initial mint of 1,000 Arenas.

Why own an Arena?

  • Valuable Rewards Owning an Arena provides a passive income of $ESPORT, unlocks a rewarding leveling Tier system, and enables rare NFT card airdrops.
  • Fantasy Esports (and Sports?) Arenas give you the power to host a range of exciting fantasy contests across a variety of game titles and eventually sports titles.
  • Community Building Arenas can be a virtual venue to grow and engage with communities, guilds, and brands. Arenas will have a vast range of features and tools in the future to create an experience that is authentic and ever-expanding.
  • Brand Activations Arenas will be able to add customized branding to both the cosmetic look of the virtual venue and the marketing material for hosted events.
  • DAO Arena owners will be given access to the 'Arena DAO', which allows members to dictate the feature roadmap.
Partnered Arenas
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Participating in Arenas

In order to participate in an Arena you must first hold a seasonal key that is level 1 or higher. Some Arenas may have additional requirements for entry, defined by the Arena owner(s).

Arena Staking

How Arena Staking Works

All Arenas start at Tier 1 and, if staked, will earn a percentage of the Tier 1 $ESPORT weekly distribution allocation. Arena's staked earn experience will unlock the ability to upgrade the Rena to the next tier by spending $ESPORT. Every tier upgrade will unlock the next level of $ESPORT allocation (i.e., the Tier 2 allocation) and the best part is that the Arena will still earn $ESPORT allocation from the lower tiers.
In addition to Arenas earning $ESPORT and experience, owners will also passively earn $BYTE and be eligible for random rare Player Card drops and other airdrops. The higher the Arena tier, the more contest, game title, cosmetics, and event functionality will become unlocked. These features will be unlockable using $BYTE that are earned from the Arena distribution, playing fantasy. and other game experiences.

Staking Rewards

  • Weekly $ESPORT token allocation
  • $BYTE
  • Rare & Unique Card Airdrop
  • Access to the Arena DAO
  • Cosmetics & Customizations
  • Unlockable Features

Arena DAO

To activate your Arena as a DAO, owners will need to stake their Arena on the platform. Once staked, your Arena will evolve into an ARENA DAO and begin to earn a daily token allocation of $ESPORT. These tokens are used to incentivize active participation in your Arena.
Initially, Arenas will be relatively hands-off once staked, but every Arena will soon become its own decentralized and community-owned ecosystem.
  • Custom fantasy contests
  • Create and mint your own NFTs
  • Premium Discord integrations for each Arena's community
  • Airdrops, lotteries, and giveaways
  • Arena battles
  • Exclusive marketplace
  • Independent governance
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