Building the Community-Owned Esports & Gaming Metaverse

We are launching the first esports & gaming metaverse built on an interactive virtual map with crypto tokens, an economy, and utility-based NFTs. We are taking the concepts of community, competition, and fandom to the next level.
Our token economy leverages digital collectibles with real-world value, making it possible to combine unique and familiar gamification mechanics that provide value based on fandom, not chance.
Virtual Arenas owned by creators, brands, esports teams, and you, the community, will host a variety of virtual events and experiences, like fantasy esports, and reward engagement with our tokens. Members of our community, as Managers, will be able to build competitive fantasy lineups using tradeable Player Card NFTs that have varying rarity and utility.


To build a thriving community, we must create sustainable and value-added forms of engagement that incentivize active participation. This will be achieved by creating a crypto-enabled esports and gaming metaverse that benefits all users, not just a few, we can ensure a diverse and inclusive community of like-minded individuals.
To achieve this, we must create an on-ramp for shared ownership in the ecosystem that doesn't deviate from the underlying user experience.

Our Focus

  • Gamified fandom
  • Building a 3D virtual interactive world
  • Curating partnerships with brands, teams, and creators
  • Accessibility into esports, crypto, and NFTs
  • Sustainable and long-term value for $ESPORT ownership
  • Unlocking the true potential of NFTs

We do this by...

  • Building a clear and easy on-ramp into crypto and NFT's for creators, fans, and brands
  • Creating and facilitating gamified virtual experiences and integrations that engage and reward players
  • Establishing new and sustainable sources of revenue for any creator, big or small
  • Supporting virtual and in-person engagement for esports fans around the world
  • Monetizing through a shared ownership
  • Bridging the gap between brands and creators

An Established Name in Esports

Esports One began in 2017 to enhance the esports fan experience through stats and analytics. We spent the first year at MIT building an automated computer vision with semi-machine learning features capable of capturing and analyzing thousands of live-stream data points in real-time. We compiled and manipulated every team, player, and tournament data point we could find, going back as far as 2010. While the Esports One of 2017 (known initially as Esportsology) looks much different now than it did back then, our esports data has remained the backbone of who we are today.
In 2019, we shifted our focus towards doing what we love the most, building for the consumer that puts the community above anything else. This led to the creation of the first all-in-one fantasy platform built specifically for gamers.
Today, we're taking the next step in our journey and evolving Esports One to be fully decentralized and community-owned. We believe that this is the only path that can truly put the power of entertainment, fandom, and camaraderie into the users' hands.
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